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This journey started out with my passion for teaching & my hunger to learn.    After working for 50 to 60 hours per week teaching 6th Grade Science, my health RAPIDLY deteriorated to the point I was walking with a cane and had the beginning stages of diabetes at the age of 28.

I knew the internet would be the game-changer not for me but for the entire planet.  So I set out to fix myself...

I started building funnels....

Funnels for the rugby niche (which I played in college)
Funnels for the MMA niche
Funnels for the marketing niche.
Funnels for the fitness niche.
Funnels for the diet niche.

Part 3 of the story....

And I promise I won't get in the sad details of everything but you can see that pain creates purpose.

My dad followed the "life" rules to a T.   Serve your country.  Go to college.  Get a nice job.  Raise a family.  Retire and spoil your grandkids.   This is the path that they and many millions of people follow.

There's one problem with that path:  My dad worked 40 hours per week for 40 years of his life for 40% of his pay.   They neglected to calculate inflation and rising costs of EVERYTHING.   

And my dad made more in 1980's than MOST graduates make today.   


When my dad turned 61 (4 years from retiring), he had a degenerative disc in his back that forced him from working long hours.   He had to stand on the job and could no longer.   

The "big" corporations fought him for FOUR years without paying him.   He finally retired at 65...

Four years without pay.  

No Health Insurance.
Thankfully, teachers get the summer off, and it was during this time that I earned SIX FIGURES over ONE summer.   I had made more in one summer than three years combined teaching.

Over the years, I quickly realized it's not the money that sets you free, it's the mindset.

Controlling your thoughts....
Controlling your emotions....


Part 2 of the story... 

My mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer.   This almost broke me.     During this time, I started experimenting with different foods and drinks to see which one actually cleanses, detoxes, and contributes to more energy.

This led me to discover that "snacking" throughout the day on 300 calories or less every three hours had a HUGE impact on my mom's health & my own health.

My mom kicked cancer's ass, and I'm forever grateful for the doctors and nurses who helped.

I document that journey in my book, The Snack Diet.


Let's face it, I probably have 20 to 30 years left on this planet.

Life is short; we know that.   

While I'm here, I want to transform the way we make money.  I believe in guaranteed income for all and I believe in guaranteed health care for all.   

We're not there yet; probably not even close.

So we have to connect & figure out an easier solution that MOST people make money from that is NOT the usual 9-5.   

Why work 40 hours per week for 40 years for 40 percent of your pay just to be "stuck" paying the bills?

Makes absolute zero sense.

That's why I am doing all I can to build sales funnels and teach traffic strategies that the average person can do during their "spare time" so THIS side hustle can replace THIS main struggle.

If you're looking to make money online & change the game for you and your family, then, grab the book - click the help button below and let's take focused action to make it a reality!

Share and Conquer,
Do All the Good You Can for All the People You Can in All the Ways You Can As Long As Ever Can!
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