How Viral is the New Internet Marketing, and Strategies to ‘Viralize’ Your Marketing!

My marketing has gone viral.  BRACE YOURSELF!  I’m about to show you a viral marketing tool which I’ve been apart of the behind the scenes testing with James Grandstaff for the past couple of months…
I’ve got something SO COOL to share with you…
Here it is…
What is it?
It’s a PDF Re-Brander that turns reports into little…

About Kit

Welcome to Kit Elliott with Kit Elliott
Hi there. My name is Kit Elliott, and I created this site for people who wanna hang out and talk about marketing and making money through network marketing, viral marketing, and affiliate marketing marketing. When I get together with an idea person and we bounce ideas up and up…

7 Attention Grabbing Headlines to Build a Bigger List

Hello My Fellow Sidekicks!
One of the easily forgotten steps in building a bigger network is building a bigger list and then, build relationships with that list.
Why is a list important?

Only a small percentage of your list will join your opportunity so you want as many people on your list as possible so your small percentage…

Can You Use Today’s Webinar to Build a Downline for Your MLM

Name one tool that most successful heavy hitters and internet guru’s are using right now to grow their business exponetially?
Let’s see..
Great question because right now, off the top of my head, I can think of many:

Email Followup
Listbuilding Services (WealthWorldTouch)
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Social Media..

What?  What is it?

“Webinar” is a web seminar that allows multiple people…